Aileen Hunt

Aileen Hunt is a prose writer with a particular interest in lyric forms and creative nonfiction.

Her essay “Small Lives” appears in Compose: A Journal of Simply Good Writing.  “Measuring Up” appears in Hippocampus Magazine. “The Place Between”  appears in issue 4 of the Lindenwood Review and “After Coffee” appears in Work Literary Magazine. An essay “The Shell of your Ear” appears in Oh Baby, an anthology from In Fact Books. “The Bell Beat of your Wings” appears in The Ogham Stone (2015) and “Ferry to Boffin” appears in issue 1 of the Eastern Iowa Review. “Rorschach” and “Soundings” appear in Sweet: A Literary Confection. “On Not Looking” appears in Entropy.

Hush, a year-long celebration of Dublin’s quieter spots is available here.  Her website is