David Rowell

David Rowell was born and lives in Dublin. He has a BA in Literature from the Open University and an M Phil in Creative Writing from Trinity College Dublin.

He has been published in Poetry Ireland Review, Crannóg Magazine, County Lines, Leave us Some Unreality, Gates of Ivory and Horn, Windows Authors and Artists, Celebration Magazine and Living It Magazine.

His book of poetry Free-Range in Suburbia was published in 2014.

He has taken part in Poetry Ireland’s Introductions Series and has broadcast on RTE Radio’s Sunday Miscellany programme and RTE Lyric FM’s Quiet Quarter.

David is one of the founding members of Airfield Writers. Here’s his poem “Island”:





I can’t see you but I know you’re there,

a compass bearing could not be more true

than my instinctive reckoning

of your constant shape.


I’ve seen you in myriad different lights,

clear like Hy Brasil, or Bali Hai,

sometimes just a hazy blur

peeping from the sea-mist at your base.


Today I am missing you since dawn;

the rain has cloaked the surface of the bay,

resigned, I crunch along the shingle beach,

the smell of seaweed strong above the tide.


A sudden lift ─ the evening sun

for a brief span wins the contest with the rain,

you emerge fresh and in triumphant dress

emerald set in vivid aquamarine.


David Rowell