Eliza Homan

Eliza Homan writes poetry, fiction, monologues and children’s stories. She was part of the birthing process of Airfield Writers. Those labour pains are still birthing and pushing her to explore many avenues and topics, such as women and their bodily journeys through life, and firsts, as in school, boyfriends, etc. She has also explored taking some bible stories and writing them in Dublinese.

She has been published in The Burren Meitheal, The Waterford Review, and Wolf Warriors (an American publication). She was highly commended some years ago at MacGill Summer School for her poem “Innocent Captors”.

Eliza enjoys adventuring into the wildness of imagination and nature and attempting to give voice to both. She weaves a spiritual element through her writing.

She enjoys bringing her pieces to life through performance.  Lately Eliza has been gathering up memories of her childhood and of her children’s early life so her grandchildren can know their ancestry.